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Medical Insurance

The Imaging Clinic radiologists are recognised by all major insurers and the Clinic welcomes patients seeking to fund treatment themselves at a competitive rate.

All 'standard' diagnostic fees eg CT, MRI, PET CT & Ultrasound scanning, are charged as part of a composite fee by the facility owning and running the relevant equipment and you will not receive an additional or separate account from the Clinic.

Our fees for minimally invasive 'pinhole' (interventional) radiology procedures have remained essentially unchanged for nearly 20 years and the Clinic is providing an ongoing committment to maintain these fee levels in the forseeable future.  However, patients are encouraged to check their level of cover with their insurance company (where appropriate) to confirm cover, as any shortfalls such as insurance 'excess' or 'co-payments' or indeed any reduced payments naturally remain the responsibility of patients at all times.

The Clinic will endeavour to provide a written quotation where time is permitting but clearly inpatient work (or urgent work that may be covered by the insurance company ) is charged at the prevailing 'usual and customary' rate of the Clinic.

For specific account queries, please contact our Senior Accounts Manager Lucy Cooper or the Practice Manager Catherine Oakley.